Marataba Conservation Camps | Revised

Domestic consumer strategy targeting existing domestic audience

The brief

Why us

We propose


We will need


The brief

To design and implement a marketing solution using an existing Marataba Conservation Camps database of domestic visitors as the primary audience.

Value proposition

Develop a value proposition specifically for the South African domestic market.

Audience targeting

Design and develop a mailer strategy aimed at targeting and growing the existing domestic guest list.

Landing page

Design and develop a website specifically for the requirements of, and to generate booking enquiries from the domestic market.

Audience retargeting

Re-marketing to visitors of the domestic website using Google and Facebook ads to maintain brand awareness and generate local bookings.

Why us?

Unlike traditional marketing agencies, The Direct Guru holds extensive experience and knowledge of consumer-direct marketing of African safaris.

We also possess a detailed understanding of the accompanying sales process and distribution strategies for the industry as a whole.

We propose

Domestic value proposition

The demands of the South African market differ from the primary international market. We believe it necessary to develop a value proposition specific to the domestic market, establishing the foundation of the domestic marketing message from which we create collateral for the domestic strategy.

We will collaborate with the team at Marataba Conservation Camps to develop a domestic market value proposition aligned to the product offering and broader business objectives.

The value proposition should include all necessary elements, most notably:

  • Product description snd presentation relative to the domestic market
  • Domestic pricing and relative value
  • Domestic booking terms
Audience targeting

Marataba Conservation Camps (MCC) have an existing email database built from previous local visitors.

This database is currently in use alongside MCC’s international database resulting in an overlap of messaging, market confusion and potential damage to local business demand.

We propose isolating the domestic database and building a mailer campaign specifically for the domestic market, with the following objectives:

  • To maintain brand awareness of MCC.
  • To create the opportunity for previous guests to refer new domestic guests to MCC.
  • To drive traffic from mailers to the domestic website to generate interest, referrals and bookings.
  • To grow the domestic database with new sign-ups.
Domestic website

Design and develop a commercially focused website specifically for the domestic market that presents the domestic value proposition and funnels domestic users towards an enquiry or sale. 

The landing page should be built on a separate domain or subdomain from the existing website to separate it from the international market.

The build will also aim to harness some organic search traffic for domestic travel.

We strongly suggest that the domestic website includes the ResNova plugin to show, at the very least, availability.

Domestic website visitor retargeting

Over time, the domestic mailer campaign will drive an increasing amount of traffic to the domestic website.

This traffic has value to be harnessed, and we will install tracking code to the new website to build audiences of website visitors. We can target these audiences using paid advertising options with both Google and Facebook.

Remarketing audiences typically take time to build before we can use them, so we propose installing the code, monitoring the audiences and reengaging with MMC later to discuss campaigns to target these audiences.


We estimate being able to launch the domestic marketing campaign within 4 weeks of receiving the go-ahead from Marataba Conservation Camps.

We will need

Marketing collateral 

We can initiate the mailer campaign and develop the website with an underlying value proposition and associated marketing collateral. Still, the campaign’s medium to long-term success will rely on Marataba Conservation Camps supplying The Direct Guru with regular and up to date information, stories, and imagery for the mailer campaign and website.

Booking system access

To display room availability on the domestic website, we will need to install the ResNova widget to the website, and the relevant permissions will be required to do so.

Website domain

We will require access to a subdomain of, for example,, with a fresh WordPress installation. This will need to be done by the administrators of the current website.

Alternatively, we can set up and host a new domain, e.g. (Quoted separately)